Google Adwords Scripts

AdWords scripts can programmatically control AdWords to automate common tasks, integrate with external data and create advanced reporting- and therefore make the overall process of Google Ads management easier. The javascript program is run within Adwords and can interact with functionality available in the Adwords interface- as well as with logic from outside data sources and automatically make the appropriate changes, or created tasks for manual optimisation.

Adwords scripts can save time, increase accuracy, gain insights into performance, and plan optimisation towards business goals.

Adwords scripts can be used for reporting, bidding, ad testing, processing data feeds and execute many of the Adwords functions available within the user interface. 

Adwords Scripts for Reporting

Integrate with Google Sheets. Create complex reporting. Create Google Sheets Data for Google Data Studio.

Adwords Scripts for Bidding

Bidding is a critical area in Adwords. The bid by CPA, ROAS, Average session duration, weather. See our post on Adwords Bidding Scripts for more detail.

Adwords Scripts for Ad Testing
Adwords Scripts for Automation

Adwords Scripts for Integration with third-party Data Sets

Take Away

Google Ads Scripts are a powerful tool that can save time, improve efficiency and do things are just not possible manually. They should also be used with caution as they can make significant changes. Working with a specialist Google Ads agency can be an easier way to design and build scripts. You can also install them in your own account in the future.

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