Facebook Ads Tips – The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Tips

Facebook Ads is no longer a new PPC platform. It sides alongside Google AdWords as the top 2 PPC advertising marketplaces in the world. Everyday new advertisers enter the auction, so what is going to take to do well? Testing is key- and learning from what you are doing right and wrong for effective advertising. 

Facebook Ads Tips

Use Facebook Audience Insights and your remarketing audiences to let Facebook suggest targeting options. Facebook match your website, email list remarketing, Page fans or advert engagers with other people on Facebook.

Saves a lot of time and money, allowing you to focus on the quality of the ad and avoid wasting time on targeting. Use your remarketing audiences to identify suggested targeting options. Search on your audience- and then select suggestions to generate similar targeting options.

Understand Audience sizes and the implications on targeting. To learn more check out our article the ultimate guide to Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook's 3 Pillars

Facebook Ads has three main areas to understand:

  1. Targeting options (The most important in advertising). Currently, website remarketing, and also interests targeting are used.
  2. Campaign Objectives (Stage of funnel e.g. Page Likes/Brand top of the funnel and website conversions /bottom of the funnel).
  3. Advert Formats (Some ad formats are only available with certain campaign objectives and targeting options). Facebook Ad formats (The media, copy and appearance of the advert)
  • Video
  • Collection
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Single image
Facebook Ads Tips

Test campaign objective and advert formats for the different stages of your marketing funnel.

You can start at the bottom of the funnel for direct response marketing requiring measurable leads and sales, or at the top of the funnel for reach and awareness. Starting at the bottom of Separate campaigns by objective or ad format for easier reporting and management.

Use Facebook Lead Ads or your website Landing Pages for targeting the bottom of your marketing funnel. To learn more check out our Facebook Ads campaign objectives guide.

Test unique ad sets for each audience.

Create audience interests, behaviours and demographics that are not reported on Facebook. Learn with the machine to see which audiences and targeting options work best for you.

Facebook’s ads let you create separate ad sets for unique audiences. You can create one advert- and show this to two completely unique audiences, or different adverts to the same audience.

Test different combinations of targeting. For example test one or multiple interest per ad set using OR(either) AND combinations. A single audience can be created from one interest- or a few interests can be grouped together using the AND selector for targeting a small more defined audience, or test a combination of either to target. To learn more check out our Facebook Advertising Testing Guide

Facebook Ads Tips Testing

Test Attention Grabbing imagery

An image is worth a thousand words so they can have more impact than copy.  Test Images to find the best combination of imagery and copy- and to avoid getting stale if it the audience has already been reached.

Adhere to the 20% max guideline and focus on images that grab attention and are relevant to your industry and business offering.

Establish a bid strategy and budget

Use a mix of manual and automatic bidding. Automatic bidding depends on machine learning which requires conversion data of enough statistical significance. Manual bidding gives you control on audiences that do not perform as well as your best audiences. Until you get an idea of how much ad space costs and how to allocate your budget, it’s best to let Facebook take care of Facebook Bidding Strategies

Avoid audience overlap

Avoid audience overlap with campaigns targeting the same groups by blocking your remarketing audiences from your non-remarketing audience campaigns


While understanding all the features in Facebook is useful, the key area is understanding what the best targeting options are is the key. Ad copy, bidding and ad format are further optimisation options to scale further. One PPC is a specialist Facebook advertising agency that can help with setup, short-term and long-term management. 

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