Turbo Boost your Adwords with Bulk Updates Automations

When you’re building AdWords campaigns all day and every day, time can be saved using bulk shortcuts.

With practice, the bulk techniques not only save time, but they can also improve the planning and implementation of work. Using bulk techniques correctly provides the flexibility for making the required unique customizations. Bulk techniques also help ongoing management and change updates with KPI for event-based automation.

  1. Adwords Online Interface: Edit campaigns, keywords, ad groups and ads by selecting multiple items at once to update attributes – such as your bid, budget, match type, ad copy – across all of your selected items. The options are context driven depending on if you are editing a campaign, ad group or keyword.
  2. Microsoft Excel–   Download a spreadsheet from the online Adwords interface with selected keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns or product groups. Make the changes in the spreadsheet- and upload back to Adwords online.
  3.  AdWords Editor: Make bulk edits to your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and more, then upload your changes back into AdWords online. Adwords Editor has many similar functions to Excel- but native to Adwords. Adwords Editor is designed to work with Excel in mind.
  4. AdWords API: Develop applications that interact directly with the AdWords server.
  5. Adwords Scripts: Adwords scripts can create reports, KPI alerts and integration with Google Sheets and other 3rd party data sources to make changes within Adwords.

Time Saving Video Tips:

  1. Use Adwords Editor to create new Search Campaigns
  2. Use Excel with Adwords Editor for more flexibility.
  3. Bulk update new ad versions.

1. Using just Adwords Editor to Create New Search Campaigns.

Use an existing campaign as a template. Copy this campaign- and then do a find and replace with the campaign name, ad group name, keyword name and ad copy. This creates a copy campaign- and includes the required unique changes to be specific for the type of service or product. To learn more, check out our article How to Use How to Use Google AdWords Editor

2. Create Modified Broad Match in bulk Using just Adwords Editor

The modified broad match is not available when selecting the keyword match type. A plug sign needs to be inserted in front of the word to become a modified broad match. This can be done manually in the online interface or Adwords Editor, or by using bulk update techniques like append- as well as find and replace.

3. Use Excel "AND" Adwords Editor to Make Bulk Update Changes

Using a combination of Excel and Adwords Editor is even more flexible for customizations and bulk updates. Make changes inside Adwords Editor or within Excel and back in AE. This helps to avoid an overly rigid or cookie cutter approach- by being more flexible on customisation options.

Bulk Update Ad Copy

Updating new ads across the whole account is easy with Adwords Editor. This approach becomes rigid when many landing pages exist, as well as if other elements of the ad copy need to be specific for each ad group or campaign.

Using Excel in combination with Adwords Editor gets around this. copy and paste ads into Microsoft Excel. Then change one row, and using the Excel shortcut to populate rows with the same changes. Then copy and paste back into Adwords.

All the new adverts will be inside Adwords- keeping the original landing page of each ad group- or other elements like a title one, title two, description, etc.


AdWords Bulk tools help speed up building and optimisations of campaigns. They work best when they are flexible and meet use cases in specific situations. With great power, comes great responsibility. When used wrongly, bulk updates are a blunt instrument capable of doing more damage than good. A round peg does not fit in a square hole, unless the peg is smaller or you smash the peg!  Bulk updates work best when they are planned to account for all steps and tested before finally applying, and reusing again in the future. They should be used in conjunction with manual monitoring and reviews. As a specialist PPC company, One PPC has lots of experience using bulk updates that can save you time and money, while getting the account build you need.

Learn more about Adwords Bulk Updates on Google’s website. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/144560?hl=en-GB

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