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Adwords Remarketing for Google Search & Display

Retarget past website visitors that have shown interest in your product or services as they browse websites across the Google Display Network and bring them back to your website. Retarget on the Google Search network to increase conversions by targeting a larger or more qualified search audience.

One PPC Remarketing Process


Business Analysis +

We review your website and business offering. If you are already using Adwords, we review your account to identify all the quick win opportunities and also provide a longer term plan for ongoing growth.

Audience Research +

Using the Google Display Planner and Audience Insights, we create a media plan to identify the best websites to retarget past website users.

Conversion Funnels +

We setup conversion funnels based upon your website audience levels of engagement. We can optimise for CPA, ROAS or brand.


Ad Copy & Creative +

Using a combination of creativity and analytical skills, we design beautiful, unique and engaging remarketing adverts.

Then through A/B Testing, we then test which parts of your business offering copy and visuals appeal to your past website visitors the most.

Remarketing Settings +

We configure the frequency settings, audience segmentation,  geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding strategy that best fit your business and retargeting goals.


Google Analytics +

We use Google Analytics to build segmented audiences from your past website users based on their levels of engagement. This allows more budget to be spent on your best prospects or be more aggressive to grow brand.

Google Tag Manager +

We set up Google Tag Manager to for tracking tags for Adwords Remarketing, as well as dynamic remarketing.

We can work with your web developer to install the tracking codes on your site. required. We can also install the dynamic tracking code. (one-off additional fee may  apply).

Conversion Tracking +

We use conversion tracking to adjust bids within your website audience conversion funnel.


Ad Testing +

We test a control ad version against another 1-2 advert versions in each remarketing ad group to get the best mix of CTR, Conversion rate, conversions per impression or branding from your Remarketing Ads.

Bid Management +

We control remarketing budgets by bidding to achieve the target objective. This could be a fixed CPA, Return on Ad Spend or just extra qualified traffic. This lets you choose where your remarketing budget is being allocated.

Campaign Expansion +

We create extra remarketing campaigns for longer periods such as 540 Days on the Google Display, and 280 Days on Google Search.

Customer Testimonials

Trusted By Leading UK Brands...

One PPC is excellent for AdWords. I left a very expensive agency, and I am getting a far superior and personal service. Easy to reach and communication with them is straightforward. I can highly recommend One PPC.

Amra S Vintage Carpets

First class. Researched our business and the competition, went the extra mile and generated big ticket sale in first four weeks and several more leads.

Steven F Smith & Henderson

Remarketing Consultation


Adwords Remarketing Features Summary

We setup Adwords Remarketing to show ads to people who have previously visited your website or mobile app. With Dynamic remarketing we take this a step further, showing previous visitors ads with the exact products or services they viewed. With messages tailored to your audience, dynamic remarketing helps you build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to your website to complete what they started.

We setup Adwords Remarketing for Search (RLSA) to retarget your past website visitors as they search on Google. Bid on wider keywords that you don’t usually bid on, just for people who have recently visited your website to increase qualified search traffic. Bid higher to your most engaged past website visitors.

The Google Adwords Display Ad Builder is a template tool for creating static and dynamic adverts. The ad builder will scan your landing page and create adverts in various sizes. The ads inherit elements from your website landing page such as image, logo and colours for a consistent brand. Some customization options are also available within the templates. Ad Builder does work better on certain  websites depending on factors like page elements, content display and coding. Useful for testing static ads- before having images graphically designed. Great for building dynamics Ads!

Adwords Static remarketing is showing adverts that do not change, unlike dynamic remarketing which do! Static image Ads can be created using the display ads builder or graphically designed images. Significant research, testing and publications agree dynamic ads perform better than static ads- in both CTR and conversion rate.

So why use static at all? Setting up static ads is much faster than dynamic remarketing. Dynamic remarketing requires changes to individual pages on your website for dynamic tracking variables. Static ads can be sufficient or, at least, a suitable starting point if your website does not have lots of pages for a multitude of services and products.

Adwords Dynamic remarketing shows ads containing the products and services that past site visitors viewed on specific pages of your website. Dynamic Ads remarketing scale with your products or services.. Industries that need to remarket lots of pages, products, services and ads- alike flights, hotels, jobs, real estate, travel and like e-commerce with lots of products- are best starting with dynamic ads right away. Industries

We build sophisticated audiences funnels using your website visitors metrics.

In addition to using either the Google Display Ad Builder, or images that provide- we can also have images created by a professional graphic designer.

Adwords Remarketing Feature Plans

We only believe in providing comprehensive consultancy services. We do offer flexible pricing based on the remarketing features managed and your retargeting budget. We work with you to create a remarketing funnel best suited to your industry, target market, budget and target cost per acquisition.

  • Remarketing Monthly Budget
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Google Analytics Audience Builder
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Display Ad Builder
  • Static Remarketing
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Remarketing for Search
  • Keyword Search Remarketing
  • Shopping Remarketing- Product Titles
  • DSA Remarketing- Page Titles
  • Video and Youtube Remarketing
  • Less than £250 Per Month
  • Remarketing for Display
  • -
  • Remarketing for Search
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Less than £500 Per Month
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Remarketing for Search
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Less than £2000 PM
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Remarketing for Search
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Remarketing FAQ & Adwords consultancy services

What are Remarketing Conversion Funnels? +

Remarketing Conversion funnels are used to segment  your website audience based on levels of their levels of engagement to optimise towards advertising goals.

Brand vs CPA +

We setup remarketing conversion funnels based on your website audience engagement segments. This allows flexible bidding for more aggressive branding or for profitability.

What do I need to provide? +

We shall send you an MMC Adwords Manager account account invite, and steps for adding our email address as a Google Analytics user. We provide assistance to this upon booking the remarketing setup.

What are the next steps? +

The next step is to signup for monthly management. This is of course 100% optional. Budgetary pricing for monthly management is provided on our services pages,

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